Ash Klemm

Ash Klemm

Have you studied beyond school? If so, how did you balance study, personal and CF responsibilities?

I did study after school, I found it all came down to time management and prioritizing what was important. Treatment was the most important, so I set aside blocks of time to handle meds, nebulizer and gym, everything else revolved around that.

Do you work and if so, how many hours per week?

Yep, I work 40 to 50 hours a week,, depending on what I have on at the time.

When did you tell your employers about your CF?

The second interview, I didn’t  want to go into a job with them not knowing, I was sure to stress that it will not affect my ability to work.

How did you and your employee address the need for time off for treatment?

Luckily I have a job where I can work from hospital if need be, so it was never a huge inconvenience, it wasn’t ideal, but it worked. The times I went in and I was too sick to work, they totally understood and supported me the whole way.

Have you got any tips for the young CFs looking for a job?

Be honest with yourself about your capabilities, you may not be able to work full time and that is ok, health is more important, find a job that works with your needs. Be open and honest with your potential employer, you will find most people are very understanding.

If you've had a transplant - what is one thing you wish you were told before transplant that could help you nowadays?

It is not all Unicorn farts and rainbows afterwards, it can still be tough, and some days it may not feel great, but it is 100% worth it.

What would the older you like to tell the younger you?

Don’t ever be ashamed of having CF, it doesn’t make you any less of a person, it doesn’t define your worth or who you are.

What are few things you would love to be able to do in the future (i.e. climb Mt. Everest, meet Ellen, learn to juggle)?

Finish writing my book, see something I have written be published, visit Japan and New York, swim with sharks, complete a marathon.


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