Ben Crew

Sport enthusiast Ben Crew

Have you studied beyond school? If so, how did you balance study, personal and CF responsibilities?

Yes, I went onto university and completed a bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science.

I became sick for extended periods twice during this time in which I had to apply for medical leave. I also decided to take a semester off to go travelling in Europe for a month. So with this time off I managed to turn a 4 year degree into a 7 year degree (could have been a doctor).

Do you work and if so, how many hours per week?

I work as a performance coach, working with athletes on speed, agility, strength & power.

I have always worked part time initially working 12-14 hours a week. Over the course of the last year I have had to cut down my hours as the work was becoming to physically demanding, currently I am working 4 hours a week.

When did you tell your employers about your CF?

I told them straight away. I think it’s important to be upfront and have open communication and they have been fantastic in supporting me and being understanding.

How did you and your employee address the need for time off for treatment?

Being part time has made it easier to take time off for my health. However, the company has been very understanding and supportive even constantly looking at ways to keep me with the company in different capacities as my ability to work on the floor is becoming harder.

Have you got any tips for the young CFs looking for a job?

I think the key is to just be open, honest and upfront.

What would the older you like to tell the younger you?

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always been very active and competing in sport my whole life. I haven’t really got anything the older me would need to tell the younger me. I would however say don’t ever stop being active, I truly believe this has helped me with my health. Being an ultra-competitive person definitely helps with this as well.

What are few things you would love to be able to do in the future (i.e. climb Mt. Everest, meet Ellen, learn to juggle)?

As my health becomes worse I’m looking at a time hopefully being healthy post-transplant. What I’m looking forward to, getting back to playing sport again and doing some travelling.


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