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Ash Klemm

Ash Klemm

I did study after school, I found it all came down to time management and prioritizing what was important. Treatment was the most important, so I set aside blocks of time to handle meds, nebulizer and gym, everything else revolved around that.Yep, I work 40 to 50 hours a...

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Kate Rootsey

CF patient Kate Rootsey

No I haven’t.Yes I am currently working 8 hours per week for Cystic Fibrosis Queensland.I have always been upfront with my employers, I wanted them to know that I may need to have time off for hospital and appointments.I found it difficult with some employers, because  a lot of...

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Paul McKean

CF patient Paul McKean

I begun full time work soon after completing senior. After a few job changes I decided it was time to complete some part-time study while working full-time. The combination of full-time work, part-time study, hospital admissions and completing my treatment regime was in the end too much to handle,...

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