Paddle Board

Physiotherapy is such an important part of life for a person living with Cystic Fibrosis,  be it pre or post transplant. Trying to fit it in our daily life can sometimes be a challenge.

I work part time and have a four year old daughter. To make sure I complete my physiotherpy/exercise routine I make it part of my daily life. I go for a walks along the beach, taking my 4 year old with me. On the weekends we like to take our Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) down to Tallebudtherapygera Creek, that way the whole family is involved. Exercise is so much easier if you can get others involved.

On days when I’m exhausted I do some weights at home. I use small arm weights that don’t require any supervision. I also do step ups on my stairs. I did have a gym membership and I really enjoyed going, but I have found that I’m a little time poor these days so I incorporate things around the house for exercise and physiotherapy.

If you have a dog,  walking the dog is a great way to get air into the lungs and get the blood flowing to all your muscles, and your pooch will love you for it. Pre transplant I played in team sports such as netball , softball and golf.

I still play softball on the weekends and try to get in the occasional hit of golf.


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