Smart One Lung Function Monitoring Meter

Smart One Monitor

Last week my old lung function machine broke – the Mini Wright Digital spirometer.

I have been using the Mini Wright for 9 years and was used to how it worked and also found it very consistent in its readings. The Mini Wright machine was never the exact same as when I did my lung function in the RIU at Prince Charles, it was about 400 mls higher at home. I looked on the internet for a new machine with good reviews, so I decided to give the Smart One a try.

The Smart One links via Bluetooth to your smartphone. You download an app and after installing it to your phone (it was very simple to do) it gives you step by step instructions. It asks for your weight, height and age.

Some features include:

• Record Peak Flow and FEV1 measurements
• Bluetooth technology
• Free Apple or Android app
• Calculates individual target values
• Includes 2 Disposable Turbines
• 12 month warranty

Smart One Monitor

Kate using the Smart One Monitor

The app saves all of your data which allows you to then email your recent lung function results to your Doctor/Medical team.

You get about 100 lung function tests from the one turbine. I do my lung function twice a day. Since my last clinic visit and using this machine I have found this machine matches exactly to the machines in the Repository Investigation Unit (RIU) at The Prince Charles Hospital.

Smart One Monitor

Smart One Monitor from underside and turbine

So if you’re looking for a convenient machine that is very user friendly then this is the machine I would recommend. You can purchase these online from E-Bay for approx $145.

Another bonus is these machines take batteries so you keep it forever – unlike the Mini Wright When the battery goes on those the only place for them is the bin, which makes the Smart One more environmentally friendly 🙂

Reviewed by Kate Rootsey


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